Our team

Blanche Saint-Béat, PhD

Post-doctoral student

I am studying complex trophic networks through computational methods in order to explain hidden marine ecosystems properties and functions. I am currently focussing on the rapidly changing Arctic marine ecosystems.

Frédéric Maps, PhD


Professor in computational marine ecology, specialized in Arctic plankton dynamics and the impacts of climate change.

Inge Deschepper, MSc

PhD students

She is creating a nitrogen and carbon based biogeochemical model to assess the impacts of Climate Change and river regulation.

Maxime Benoît-Gagné, MSc

PhD students

My research interests are digital modeling and marine ecology. I started a Ph.D. at Laval University in 2017 with Frédéric Maps.

Sara Pedro, PhD

Post-doctoral student

I am a post-doctoral fellow working on modelling transfer of nutrients and environmental contaminants from low to high trophic level species in marine Arctic ecosystems.

Sarah Schembri, MSc

PhD students

I am a PhD student in Oceanography at Université Laval (Québec), co-supervised by Prof. Louis Fortier and Prof. Frédéric Maps. I study Arctic zooplankton and fish dynamics.